Edinburghs next Michelin Star in the Making

There are always going to be mixed opinions when it comes to restaurants as well we all have our own tastes as so naturally our own opinions, few places are more universally adored by foodies I know than Mark Greenaways restaurant. Over the last 2 years at 12 Picardy Place he has carved out a name as one the cities hottest placed to eat. As he grows in fame via his food and tv appearances on the Great British Menu I was excited to hear he will soon be taking up residence in a larger establishment.

So what makes it so good you ask? Well first of all it's the staff, from the receptionist, to the hostess, the waiting staff and the sommelier the service is 1st class. In terms of value for value his market menu, 3 courses for £20 before 7pm has to be one of he best value meals in the city.

With wine flight options carefully selected by Loic the sommelier it's a great dining experience. Go more than once and this young sommelier will even go to extent of considering what he served you previously to ensure you are given something new to wash down your meal with.

Having eaten from the a la carte as well as the tasting menu what really strikes you is the use of modern and classic techniques intertwined to deliver the biggest flavours.

The above dish was a stunning rework of a Scottish breakfast, hot smoked salmon, black pudding Bellini and fois gras with a foam. Light starter with bags of flavour and visually stunning.

Meat, mushrooms….truffle…in what world was I not going to love this dish 🙂

Deconstructed banoffee, so many flavours, so many textures…… Delicious.

So for me Mark has really set a new standard for the new comers to the Edinburgh restaurant scene and done it in style. I love his food and his restaurant and look forward to much more in the future. By 2014 I will be amazed if he has joined ten elite Michelin star club.

Hugely JD Recommended.



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