Great Food at a Great Price

So it's really one day 1 of my blog and I have had my first request for an article by the lovely Jorji. Where can you get Michelin quality food without having to get out the credit card and close your eyes when the bill comes.

Edinburgh has a wealth of bistros who delivery fantastic taste without the need to break the bank. My favourite such place would have to be Iris on Thistle Street. Described as modern Scottish they use great local produce and create some great dishes.

The chefs signature dish is duck with raspberry and drambuie sauce. I love this dish, it's beautiful. Great colour, style and importantly taste.

You will also find a blend of European dishes and British classics all given the Iris makeover. Take steak for example, great cuts – cooked well that are visually brilliant.

Iris has another ace in the sleeve, that is the service. The staff are so friendly and very knowledgable about the menu. They are all well drilled on the wine list which is also excellent and more than able to suggest a nice bottle to have with you meal. Top JD recommended option.


To have Michelin styled food then sushi restaurants are a great option, the visual beauty is always there and to get the taste as well I would suggest Kanpai on Grindlay Street. With a wide selection they cover not just sushi but all aspects of Japanese cuisine. Personal favourites for me are the miso seared tuna, the soft shell crab and the sashimi platter below.

The service matches the gentle Japanese approach you might expect and with an open food prep area you are able to admire as the chefs prepare the food

Kanpai is a leading light in the growing Edinburgh sushi scene and with all palates catered for this is a gat restaurant for sushi lovers and novices alike.

JD recommended! 🙂



One thought on “Great Food at a Great Price

  1. Article requests are possible? Brilliant – Best Haggis in town Mr JD (and maybe a second part: best BBB haggis in town – for Bueno, bonito and Barrato: looking good, tasting good and good deal). Up for the challenge?

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