Just like mamma used to make

Inspired by young Oli on Masterchef I fancied trying his duck egg yolk ravioli with truffle mash and mushroom velouté. This meant also making my own pasta.

Making pasta is one of these things that sounds like should be really hard, certain flour….certain oil……not too much water, what ratio of flour to eggs……! I went back to basics and found an old Italian cook book that stated use high qaulity strong bread flour, for every 100gms use one egg and add a tablespoon of water and olive oil.

After mixing with my hands and kneading the dough I had a nice textured ball as per the below.

Wrapped in cling film and left in the fridge for 4 hours, should be fine after 1 but I was out for the day. In a pan of salted water I put some pieces of maris piper and boiled till soft. Once cooked I mashed added a knob of butter and a half teaspoon of truffle oil.

For rolling out the pasta I used my trusty pasta machine. Once done I created rings of potato and placed inside in a duck egg yolk.

With the egg yolk safely placed in the ring I placed over the second layer of pasta and gently sealed the ravioli.

For the mushroom velouté I cooked out shallots and garlic with white wine till soft then added chopped chestnut mushrooms and topped up with chicken stock then left on a low heat for fifteen minutes. Once cooked I blended and added cream then it back on the heat for five minutes.

For the ravioli I cooked them in boiling salted water for 4 minutes, this is just enough to cook the pasta and warm the egg through. Served in a bowl the dish is delicious. Rich duck egg with earthy mushroom and truffle, it just works so well. Highly Jd Recommended :)!



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