Homemade Winter Soup

With the snow on the way I decided that some homemade soup was on the cards and what could be better than a ham hock lentil soup. This called for a visit to my local butcher in Bruntsfield, W.M. Christie, this a family business that turnout quality produce. I truly the believe the key to a rustic and simple dish like is using the best ingredients and you don't get better hock than this beaut.

The smell this ham hock was immense, to get a product like this for £3.70 is right up my street. To start I took my stock pot and filled it 2/3 with cold water, added salt and brought to the boil. Once it was boiling I added the hock along with 4 sage leaves, a sprig of thyme and 2 garlic cloves. Then left it for 90 minutes.

In the meantime I chopped a turnip, 2 carrots and a large parsnip. After the 90 minutes I took the meat off the bone and took removed the outer skin. The bone then went back in the stock and I reduced for another 20 minutes. The meat is then chopped down for adding later.


I then added a bag of red lentils and the veg and simmered for another hour. Stir every twenty minutes or so to make sure the lentils don't catch to the bottom. 10 minutes from the end add the ham back in and season to taste. I added fresh thyme for additional flavour.

I served it with some sour dough bread from Falkos, delish and very warming. Winter soup = highly Jd Recommended!



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