Aaaaah venison, it’s long been one of my favourites in a restaurant but I’ve rarely dared to try and cook it. Having discovered a market stall by the name of Seriously Good Venison this had well changed a little.

SGV will sell you pretty much anything and everything you can do with a deer. The dish above is seared sirloin with fondant potato and white asparagus I did a few weeks ago.

They are also doing charcuterie and the smoked venison carpaccio went into created a beautiful starter with pickled bettor, parsnip purée and parsnip crisps below.


Probably one of the greatest things the Edinburgh market sells on any given week however is the rack of venison. This is just incredible, I bought one recently for a dinner party and to say it was a success would be an understatement. The quality of the venison is possibly unbeatable. They are the first stall at the Castle Terrace market every week! Go try them and you won’t regret it, what’s more you’ll soon be back for more :)!!

(Array of venison photos to follow 🙂 )




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