Turning 30 and Still Kicking Cancers Butt

So my social media amigos, in May 2014 I will be turning 30. Yes despite my boyish good looks this darned fate has somehow befallen me.

As it happens this closely coincides with the 10 year anniversary of me finishing chemo. Now what I have decided is that to mark this occasion I would like to throw a party Prince Harry would be proud of and to in doing so raise as much money as possible for The Teenage Cancer Trust (@TeenageCancer)! To do this I am planning on hosting a huge 1920’s themed party, casino night and auction all under one roof!

To do this I need a few things and I’m hoping here is where social media can help me!

• Reasonably priced venue in Edinburgh that has the capacity to serve canapés and space for say 200 guests
• Volunteers to help with the logistics
• A band
• A well priced events business who can do the casino
• Auction items that will make people go ooooooooooooh

Can you help? Will you help? Please say you will!! At the end of the day it’s all about beating cancer and I think that’s something we can all get behind!



One thought on “Turning 30 and Still Kicking Cancers Butt

  1. Hi JD, I’m actually moving away otherwise I’d have loved to help out. I’d be happy to give you any help I can before I leave even if it is in a couple of months! I can probably help out with contacts etc too.


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