Three Birds Are Better Than One

So to the Three Birds, came here for a friends birthday with a very food savvy crowd of people, mainly waiters and waitresses from some of Edinburghs best eateries and I think I can say we all left very impressed with what we found.

Before starters we also had a plate of the Crispy Pig Ears, yep thats no typo…pigs ear. And im happy to report they were delicious served with a nice aioli and sea salt.

For starter I opted for the pigeon breast on a bed of peas and pine nuts. Simple cooking and really delicious. The pigeon was pink, juicy and so tender. Winter might be coming but at least that means game birds are back on the menu yuuuum!!


For main out of a table of 14, 11 of us went for the same thing!!! The steak special cooked in a bone marrow butter. OH LORD……. I had mine rare and as well as being perfectly cooked the flavour was incredible. The marrow flavour was there to be enjoyed. Superb. The meat was tender, juicy and with the flavour of the bone marrow it was a real treat. Is it Unami the Japanese talk about? I’m not sure…..:but this steak…..this had it all!


Deserb, a mango sponge with vanilla icecream. i also tried the blue cheese icrecream and the cheese board with my dining chums! All lovely!!!


The service, the wine, the evening…..lovely place…..lovely food! Cant wait to go back!! As sad as I was to see le Moutin Noir go these guys have taken up the mantle admirably and without doubt will continue to grow a loyal and regular customer base.

The Three Birds comes Highly Jd Recommended!!!


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