Have a Very Merry Galvin Christmas

Take a bow chaps…..you deserve it. Since announcing their intention to make a move to Edinburgh the Galvin Brothers have gone straight at it with a drive and determination that seems sure to land them their latest Michelin star for the fine dining restaurant The Pompadour by Galvin.

De Luxe

With the Brasserie and the Pompadour nestled within the newly refurbished Caley Hotel or as they like to call it The Caledonian, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel, they have brought the city centre standard up a notch. Now in Scotland we are well known for liking what we know – we are inherently scared/challenged by things/people we don’t know. Enter stage left Executive Chef Craig Sandle once of the Balmoral, take that and the experience of the Galvin borthers and wow. If ever there was a Fantasy Football style pairing to open a restaurant in Scotland who understand the clientele this is it.

So being the resident foodie in my office I was tasked with organising the works Christmas party, now when I think of any menu that’s starts Christmas or Festive it invariably means the usual pre-theatre or *cough* ‘market menu’ *cough* bumped up in price with a turkey dish added and an extra £10 on the price.

Not so here, for a very reasonable £24 you could enjoy a lovely 3 course menu. For me as soon as I read the menu there could only be one choice for starter, Foie Gras Parfait, Pear and Raisin Chutney, Toasted Sour Dough. Hmmmmm. As soon as I read Foie Gras I am sold! This dish was light, rich and indulgent all in one. With the stunning presentation it was a great way to start the meal.


For mains I went for the Confit Chicken Leg, Brussel Sprouts, Bacon and Chestnuts, Pomme Mousseline. Soft, succulent chicken, salty bacon, woody chestnuts……butter mash…..what man wouldn’t love this dish! In fact no foodie wouldn’t love this dish. A real alternative Christmas dinner with some wonderful winter flavours.


To finish…yet more wonderful indulgence. Baked Banana Parfait, Dark Chocolate Crémeux. The parfait was so light and still packed with so much flavour – with the dark chocolate setting it off worked perfectly.


Added to this we have a few bottles of a lovely Cote du Rhone making a perfect foodie Christmas meal. The staff, the service, the food….all top notch. The Galvins have added a real touch of class to our city and long may it continue.

The Galvin Brasserie de Luxe comes highly JD Recommended


2 thoughts on “Have a Very Merry Galvin Christmas

  1. I must say I have bee to the Brasserie and really enjoyed my meal and would love to go back or to the Pompadour but I have already commented that their menu would have much more appeal if the ditched foie grax. This is a dispicable practice and shame on you for recommending it on any menu. I understand this is a luxury market and foie gras is considered a luxury item, but really is the brutality of animals really what you want to be serving and recommending – I hope not and that you will stop with immediate effect. I for one cannot come back to eat the Galvin Brothers fabulous cooking until I know it is off the menu for good.

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