Shebeen – The Home of Meat


For some time now the name Shebeen has been bouncing around the city as the spiritual home of carnivores! A place where meat is the main event.

Under the banner of being a South African restaurant the guys here have built up a reputation for serving up big plates of well cooked, well seasoned meat. It’s a reputation which is very well deserved!

On reading the menu you quickly get a sense that this unapologetic reverence for beef had been taken to new levels.


On the starters you’ll find samosas filled with either beef or veg, ‘mini’ boerewors with they homemade tomato relish, frikadelle – a meatball stuffed with various things including cheese and a number of the other main courses in start portions! I opted for the calamari however, crunchy, soft and delicious with a lovely dipping sauce!


If it was hard to choose a starter selecting a main was well nigh impossible, steaks of varying sizes, traditional South African dishes and some straight up meat challenges! Amongst these challenges you will find the Jo Burger, 1.2kg of beef or a custom baked bun WOW!! This would have to wait for a another day however, I was after some steak!


My friend Scott went for the Lion ribeye you see up on the board, that was sensational, cooked to a beautiful rare the flavour was superb! I went surf and turf, rare steak and prawns covered in garlic and chilli with double cooked fries!! This lead to coining of the phrase #meatgasm!


What really stands out for me in Shebeen is the care they give to the meat! From doing their butchery, to their seasonings, to the way in which they perfectly rest the meat before serving. These guys are the kings of grilled meat as far as I am concerned!


To top it all off the service and the welcome you receive is first class! The chefs are all more than happy to chat steak and the front of house staff are welcoming, funny and efficient! They really do have it all!

Shebeen comes highly JD Recommended!