Borough Market – London’s Farm Shop


OOOOooohhh Heaven is a place on Earth….and that place is located surprisingly close to London Bridge. Having made the move to London and as a self confessed foodie (yes I know…its surprising) going to Borough market is one of those things I have wanted to do for a long time. Wasnt really ever sure what to expect, other than what friends had told me and the specific Must Do’s.


Having been there 4 or 5 times now it’s amazed me the difference in each visit and what I’ve taken away from it, some more surprising than others. For example, haircut for £18…..and it was good.

Let’s call it out. This market is unquestionably here to entice tourists and in places exploit their wallets…SO WHAT? That is one of the very stark realities of London, what you can’t doubt is the passion of many of the producers.


Going round a market with a glass of prosecco and eating cheese? What about this wouldnt I like..? All in all this is my kind of place, fresh fish…meat and vegtables of all descriptions in one place!! You can shop…eat and be merry all under one roof.

Borough Market is Highly Jd Recommended.



French & Affordable – The Balcon @ Pall Mall


Hi everyone, finally back to blogging and now a London resident. To say the options here are endless is an understatement, but I will give it my best.

Well then…..hello!! Found the Balcon on OpenTable with a cracking sounding deal of 3 courses for £23. When looking for a meal on a Saturday in London this ticket all the boxes.

Located on Pall Mall this was my first trip to this part of town, the resteraunt is beaififul as are the surrounding buildings. Having arrived a little early the maître de happily welcomed up and sat us.


With the deal you could chosese a starter from their “small plates’ menu which is different to their starts menu…anyway….then a main from a choice of three on the market menu and any of their deserts.


Mum and I discussed some tactical odering and went for the brevette steak tartar and the foie gras terrine. Oh my these were unbeleivably good. The foie gras was insane… so so so so so GOOD! Mum and I have had our fair share of their controversial delicasy and both agreed this was excellent. I sort of felt sorry for the tartar, it was brilliant just out gunned. Great start to the meal.


For the main I went pork fillet and mum went salmon. The pork as an overall dish was great, the meat for me was a little overdone, I like my pork fillet to be slightly pink. I really am just trying to pick fault there thoufg. I tried the salmon and again a great dish and very enjoyable.


For desert I went fot the profiteroles – Mum just for a change went cheese. I was a little diappointed here…these were not profiteroles, they were overcook schoux pastry cut in half and stacked with a scoop of vailla icecream. The cheese was great but really thats hard to get wrong.


For wine we went for the house Rothschild Viogner, at £27 not cheap but a great accompaniment to our meal.

The Balcon comes Highly Jd Recommended!